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  • Why PlugzIt?
    PLUGZIT is a device that does what it says. It plugs holes and tears in above ground pools. There are many glues, patches, putties and tapes. The prices range from CHF 1.50 - CHF 45.00. As a pool owner, you will know that they simply do not 100% work and when you get a hole it plays on your mind knowing your pool is not watertight. These other products may work for a short while but you need to keep redoing the fix. Ultimately, you will end up buying a new pool. PLUGZIT was invented by a pool owner who became frustrated that there are not any simple and permanent fixes. In his opinion of the other products, rather donate your money to a worthy cause. You do not need to take our word for it, click the picture below to see a list of available products (don't worry, it opens in an new window.)
  • How many PLUGZITS do I need?
    Until PLUGZIT is available in a store near you, we suggest you buy two or three because you never know when you will need one. Consider PLUGZIT an essential item in your pool repair and maintenance kit. PLUGZIT gives you peace of mind.
  • What colours does PLUGZIT come in?
    We wanted to make PLUGZIT as invisable as possible so we decided to use transparent, recycled plastic. The seal right now, however, is made from black rubber. When PLUGZIT proves the big hit we think it will be for above-ground pool owners, and you tell us you want different colours then we will start making them for you.
  • How does PLUGZIT work?
    Identify hole or tear 1.Place Inside Seal (B) on Plug Shaft (A1) 2.Insert Plug (A+B) from inside pool through Hole (b) 3.Place Outside Seal (C) on Plug Shaft (A1) 4.Place Outside Washer (D) on Plug Shaft (A1) 5.Screw Protective Cap (E) on Plug Shaft (A1) and tighten until leak stops
  • Does PLUGZIT only work on big holes?
    No, PLUGZIT can fix any size hole or tear up to 40mm in diameter. If the hole is tiny and you also find that patches, etc. don't make it permanently watertight or you are fed up that you need to keep replacing it, then simply make the hole bigger so you can push PLUGZIT's thread through. There are several ways to do this but the easiest is to get a skewer and poke it through the hole. Then just push PLUGZIT's base thread through the hole from the inside out and secure as instructed. It doesn't really matter which way you push PLUGZIT through the hole but we suggest you have the flat end inside the pool. We are always here to help so if you need support just reach out using our Live Chat feature or email us at
  • Where and how are they made?
    PLUGZIT is made in Switzerland. We injection mould with recycled plastic and stamp cut rubber seal discs.
  • Does PLUGZIT work on cracks in my above-ground resin pool?
    We have not tested this application yet, however, in theory, yes, it will. Once you have identifed the crack and determind its legth, check to see if it the crack will fit inside the diameter of PLUGZIT. If yes, great. You will need to make a hole large enough (8.5mm) using a hand drill or other tool. Mke the hole through the centre of the crack, and ensure PLUGZIT will seal it when fastened into place. WARNING - This is a theory fix. We will notify you once we have tried this method ourselves. Until then, follow these steps at your own risk. PLUGZIT GmbH accepts no liability for any loss or damage to your pool.
  • Can I become a distributor and/or buy wholesale?
    Sure, we would love to discuss how we can work together. Pop an email to with you details and a short intro. A member of our team will get back to you shortly.
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